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Just what exactly is a sample sale? Is it really the money saver it is marketed as? There just has to be a gimmick somewhere… right? Ah, you pessimist you. If you’re a bride that is willing to sacrifice owning a custom gown to save a significant amount on your dream dress or have a short timeline then maybe attending a sample sale is the right route for you. Hopefully, by the end of this post you will have a better understanding of just what exactly a sample sale is and if you want to attend our Pop Up Sample Sale on April 22nd.

Sample Sizes: We try to order sample sizes that will fit the majority of our brides and a broad spectrum of body types. In doing so, most of our sample sizes are 10’s or 12’s in bridal sizing, which, is closer to 8’s or 10’s in standard women’s wear.

Sample Sale: If you are a bride shopping our sample sale you will be shown our selection of sample dresses upon your arrival. After viewing these dresses you will be able to hold/try on only 2 dresses at a time. If you’d like to try on others then you must put back one or both of the dresses previously tried on. We have a limited selection of sample sale dresses and since we are not scheduling appointments, samples will be first come, first serve. If you do fall in love with a sample dress you will be purchasing that exact dress (as is) and leaving with the dress in your hands!

Sample Alterations: There are some other expenses that come with purchasing a sample that does not come with purchasing a custom dress. Most of our samples are significantly loved and will need minimal repairs by a seamstress. This includes but is not limited to button replacements, dress cleaning, and tulle repair. Secondly, depending on the your size, alterations may be extensive and therefore costly. If you are a petite bride our sample dresses may have to be totally reconstructed to fit your frame. However, if you are closer to an 8 or 10 in regular women’s clothing, then there may be very little alterations needed, saving you money on both the cost of the dress and alterations! We will provide a Pricing Guide at our sale to give you estimated alteration costs.

We hope that this article gave you a bit more guidance on whether a sample dress is the right dress for you! Sign up to receive our newsletter by entering your email in the box at the bottom of this page. Our next newsletter will include a teaser revealing a few samples that will be up for grabs!


Shopping for a wedding gown is such an important part of preparing for your wedding. Every bride has a different and unique experience when shopping for their wedding gown, and we understand that the process can feel daunting and overwhelming. However, shopping for your wedding gown can also be a lot of fun with the right amount of research and preparation before you begin shopping.  Check out these tips below to help you feel confident when searching for your dream dress.

Make an Appointment

This ensures that you will have your stylist’s undivided attention. In addition, this gives the stylist the opportunity to prepare for your arrival with wedding gowns that meet your budget and preference.  Weekends are typically the busiest time in a bridal salon and you will only get the amount of time allotted for your appointment.  If you think you’ll need more time with a consultant, consider scheduling a weekday appointment when the salon is typically less busy to ensure you have enough time.

If you need to cancel, please do so with plenty of advance notice.  Shops like ours only book one bride at a time so it is very hard to fill a hole when we get last minute cancellation.

Shower and “Put Your Face On”

Your stylist will be helping you get in and out of gowns so you’ll want to be fresh and clean.  Go ahead and put some light makeup on so you’ll look and feel your best while trying on gowns. However, go light on powder, foundation, and lipstick and whatever you do don’t get a spray tan before your appointment.  You don’t want to be the girl who leaves behind unsightly stains on the dresses.

Come Prepared

Be sure to bring nude colored undergarments (spanx, strapless bra, sticky bra, etc) and heels reflective of what you’ll wear on your wedding day. Also, don’t forget to bring any accessories you know that you would like to incorporate into your wedding day look such as any jewelry, veils, etc.

Plan Ahead

Make appropriate travel arrangements in order to get to your appointment on time.  Keep in mind there is probably an appointment right before yours, so you also don’t want to arrive too early.  If you are traveling out of town or to an area of town you are unfamiliar with, be sure to call the bridal salon and ask about any specific directions or parking instructions such as one way streets, metered parking, parking decks, etc.

Do Your Research

Check out the bridal salon’s website and see what designers they carry. Research those designers online to get a good idea of the styles and price points for each.  Pinterest is great for this!  Bridal salons do not carry every style of a designer’s collection, so if you see a specific gown you’d like to try, be sure to call and let them know in advance.

Know Your Budget

Your consultant will want to know your budget before beginning the appointment.  If mom and/or dad is paying be sure to have the budget conversation before arriving to your appointment so that everyone is on the same page.  Do not try on a wedding gown outside of your budget.  This can waste valuable time you could be seeing realistic options and there’s nothing worse than falling in love with something that is simply out of reach.  Also, be sure to factor in other costs such as alterations, rush charges, taxes, or shipping fees.

Bring a Small Group

Too many opinions can cause distractions and confusion for the bride during an appointment.   Bring about 2-3 trusted loved ones whose opinion you value most.  And, it is usually best to leave the kiddos at home as to not cause distractions!

Eat Something

While we wouldn’t recommend hitting the buffet before your appointment, be sure to have a little something on your stomach. Trying on wedding gowns can be tiring so having some energy will help you keep a clear head when making those important decisions!

Trust Your Consultant

Many times brides think they know exactly what look they want only to find out the dress of their dreams is a completely different style.  If your consultant suggests something you would never pick just trust her and go ahead and try it.

Know The Photo Policy

Be sure to ask your consultant what their policy is on taking pictures.  Every salon has their own photography policy, so knowing upfront what their rules are can help avoid an awkward situation!

Have FUN!

Most importantly, remember to have fun!  Arrive to your appointment with a positive attitude.  Shopping for a wedding gown is such a fun time for a bride to spend with loved ones picking out one of the centerpieces of the wedding.  If you feel yourself getting stressed out or anxious take a break.  Maybe go around the corner and grab a cocktail and come back.  Picking out your wedding gown should be a wonderful memory that you treasure so make sure you feel good through the entire process.


We’d love the opportunity to treat you to a luxury bridal experience. Call us with any questions or schedule an appointment today. We’ll help you find your dream wedding gown!